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آموزش زبان انگلیسی و اصول و روش ترجمه

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Marissa: How can I help?

Juan Carlos: Um...why don’t you iron the tablecloth and set the table?

Marissa: I already did that. I want to help with the cooking.

Juan Carlos: Okay, you can scrub these potatoes, peel the carrots, and rinse these grapes.

Marissa: All right, I’ll do that, but I think you’re just giving me the scut work. I want to do some real cooking.

Juan Carlos: Well okay, I guess you could cut up this chicken and then chop these vegetables. After that, you can sauté the vegetables in this pan.

Marissa: Great! Now, how do you sauté? I’ve never done it before.

Juan Carlos: What?! Forget it. You can steam the vegetables instead.

Marissa: Okay, just show me how.

Juan Carlos: Never mind. Here, just beat these eggs and slice these onions. When you’re done, you can toss that salad.

Marissa: But I want to whip up some gourmet dishes. When can I cook?

Juan Carlos: That’s a good question. Ask me again when you’ve learned how!

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 iron اتو کردن

tablecloth سفره

set the table چیدن میز

scrub ساییدن و اب کشیدن

peel پوست کندن

rinse اب کشیدن

scut work کار کوتاه . ناخوشایند

cut up بریدن

 chop تکه تکه کردن

sauté تفت دادن

steam بخار پز کردن

 beat شکستن و مخلوط کردن

 slice تکه تکه کردن

 toss مخلوط کردن

to whip up اماده کردن

 gourmet  خوشمزه . خوش سلیقه

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conversation 2


S:hi marta!are you going to the movies with us class tonight?

M:hi. Steve! Sure. I d love to .by the way .have you met cousin tammy? She s visiting us from new york for a few days.

S:hi. Tammy. Nice to meet you.

T:nice to meet you. Too.

M:tammy s just seen the latest Johnny depp movie.

S:really? How was it?

T:awesome. I love Johnny depp.




J: excuse me. Sorry to disturb you. I d like to introduce Oliver Johnson. He s our marketing consultant in brazil. He s visiting our offices for a couple of days.

S:how do you do.Oliver? I m pleased to meet you. My name Sam Perez. And I m the chief financial officer.

O:Oliver has just returned from a trip to japan to research marketing strategies over there.

S: was it interesting?

O: yes. Fascinating!

S:I want to hear all about it. Julie. Lets all have coffee together later on so we can talk more.

J: great idea.

S:see you both later then. Oliver .please enjoy your visit to our offices.

O:thank you.



J:hi max! I haven t seen you in a while!

M: oh. Hi ….janice.

T: (to Janice) I don t think we ve met. Have we?

M: oh uh…. Tina this is Janice. A …..friendof mine from high school.

T:hi hanice. I m Tina. Max s girlfriend.

Nice to meet you.

J:Max and I are very old friends! How long have you known each other?

T:not that long. We met on a skiing trip in the alps last winter.

J: a skiing trip? How romantic!you must be a good skier

T: I m not bad. Do you ski?

J: no. I prefer snowboarding.

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دانلود مکالمه به زبان اصلی

Luis:hey.sorry I m late.

Liz:tha s ok.we just got here. Luis.this is my friend eun-jo.this is luis. We met in class last year.

Eun-joo:hi.luis.nice to meet you.

Luis:hi. Eun-joo. I v heard a lot about you.

Liz:luis just got back from hong kong.

Eun-joo:really?how was it?

Luis:it was amazing.

Liz:you went to a rock concert there. Didn t you?

Luis:yea.my friends are in a band.so they gave me free tickets.

Eun-joo:I hear you re a good bass player.

Luis:I m not bad. But I haven t played that much recently. Do tou play music?

Eun-joo:yes.i do. Actually.my friends are having a jam session this weekend. Do you want to come?

Luis: sounds cool!


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دانلود مکالمه به زبان اصلی


Pete:this is a great film festival.is nt it?

Liz:it sure is.this film looks wonderful.

Pete:yes.it does.have you been to this film festival before?

Liz: yes.i was here last year.

Pete:this is my first time. You know .you look familiar.haven t we met before?

Liz:I m not sure.

Pete: I think we were in the same computer class last year. With ms .clark?

Liz: I remember you now!

Pete: my name s pete. Petewilson.

Liz: I m liz wu. It s good to see you again.

Sorry I didn t recognize you at first.

:well.my hair was a lot longer then. And I wore glasses

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